This is the grooming crews first try at using the new website so please bare with us while we learn the ropes. Needless to say the snow is very thin, and with the current temperatures, conditions are not improving.

For the last half dozen years our summers seem to be having more intents rain events, which is causing more and more soil erosion on our trails, this is even happening on trails that have had well established vegetation. As a result the club has been spending thousands of dollars each summer on equipment rentals and time to repair the trails. We have had to use more aggressive measures to deal with it. We have start adding ditches and swales to some of the trails. Some of these features have had small rip rap added to them to slow the water and erosion. Until we get a good base of snow and really anytime during the ski season one must be on the lookout for hazards while using the trails.

The grooming crew is looking forward to a great season. Thanks for all of you that have supported the trails.