Today (Wednesday) is the last day to register for the 53rd Alaska Coffee Roasting Company Turkey Day Relays until race morning. Registration will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

CLICK HERE to register. One skier registers the team name, pays the entry fee, and enters his or her own data. The second and third skiers to register for the team go to the same URL to register. When they start the process they will be asked to select a team from a dropdown list, then will complete the individual registration process. The second and third skiers to register do not pay a fee when they register.

The following teams are still missing registration information for one or two team members. The names of the skiers who have already registered are listed after the team names. The skiers on these teams who have registered need to contact their unregistered teammates and have them register TODAY, Wednesday, so that we can place the team in the correct class and assign bibs and start positions.

Teams missing one or two members’ registration data:
Drumstick, Wing, and a Prayer (Bruce & Owen have registered)
Not Fast or Furious (Jack Rasic)
Scrambled Legs (Julie Esdale)
Sockeyes (Clive Binkley, Hudson Bennett)
Speedy Boiz (Alton Denton, Thomas Bueler)
Team Hanneman (Karl Hanneman)
Team Thankful (Karin Gillis, Melissa Lewis)
Turbo Turkeys (Daryn Espinosa, Beren Vonnahme)
Turkey Turmanators! (Jake & Stina Turman)

Don’t wait until race morning to register! Save money and save time and hassle by registering today.