As you all know, Besh Cup races #1 and #2 have been moved up here from Anchorage. Our snow is better than the snow at Kincaid Park, but we are still thin in places.

In preparation for the races, our Trails and Grooming crew is doing a lot of work moving snow to thin spots and trying to get that snow packed down and solidified so that it will hold up under the onslaught of more than 200 racers this weekend.

The main problem areas that they are working on are the Sprint Elbow, Surprise Cutoff, and the Sidewinder/Roundabout descent. Please stay off those areas until course inspection Friday afternoon so that the snow has a chance to set up.

It hasn’t been freezing at night so the snow has not been setting up. We need a lot of snow moved, some solid packing and some cold nights!

Hope to see you up at Birch Hill on Saturday and Sunday to cheer on the local (and out-of-town) skiers. Remember if you come up to spectate that we ask all spectators to be on foot only – no spectating on skis, please.