The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks proudly presents mobile weather for all smart phone users! Our Birch Hill App has been really popular, but it was available only for iOS users. Android users were jealous! But we figured out how to make the same information available to everyone (and even one-up the BH app).

Here’s how you access it: Use a browser and go to the NSCF website. In the menu (top right-hand corner) choose Weather. Then scroll down to Mobile Weather. Click on that link and there it is! Bookmark it to save yourself the hassle of navigating to it each time. That page has everything on the temperature page of the Birch Hill app plus the temperature for Fort Wainwright! The fort’s temperature isn’t from the Birch Hill downhill ski area, but it will give you a good idea of the temperature at the lodge in case you want to ski down the Cliffside or Sonot Connector trails.

Or, if you’re reading this on a smart phone, just click on this link:

Grooming updates on Smart Phones

The Birch Hill app still can’t read the grooming chart from the new website, but everyone with a smart phone can access the latest grooming updates.

Here’s how: Use your phone’s browser and go to the NSCF website. In the menu (top right-hand corner) choose Trails. Then scroll down a bit and you’ll get the latest grooming updates so you can ski on most recently groomed trails. You can scroll down farther to get to the grooming chart. We’ve rejiggered it to make it more mobile-friendly, especially if you turn your phone sideways.

Thanks to Nathan Vonnahme and Don Kiely for making this all happen!