Due to the more normal weather we are having, we have decided to postpone the race scheduled for tomorrow.  After lengthy discussions with weather forecasters and coaches, that seems to be the wisest course of action.  Although there is a lot of warmer air 1000′-1500′ higher than the elevation of the Birch Hill stadium, it is unlikely that the warmest air will make it all the way down to race elevation.  Tomorrow’s forecast high temperature at Birch Hill’s elevation is -10F +/-.  That’s is not warm enough to make it worth mobilizing all the volunteers, parents, coaches and skiers when there is still considerable uncertainty about the high temperature for the day.  We do not want to get everyone to Birch Hill only to have them stand around in the cold, waiting to see if it will warm up!

Also, the nature of ski-cross is that it is an event that is best conducted when the snow is pretty slippery – and 10-below-snow (most of which fell at -15F or -20F) does not lend itself to friction-less skiing.

At this point our plan is to reschedule the race for February 17.  However, that date is also reserved as a make-up date for Region VI Championships, in case they need to be postponed from the prior weekend.  So, we will have to wait and see what will happen with that event.  Please stay tuned to the NSCF website and Facebook page to see how the plans for rescheduling come together.

Thanks for your understanding.

Have a great weekend!

John Estle