March and April offer some of the best skiing of the year. But without good grooming the trails can become rough, the tracks washed out. The ski club wants to keep grooming, but we need your help. The club pays for ALL trail grooming and NEEDS your donations to continue grooming.

Your support has been wonderful so far this season! And all this fantastic snow means great weather for spring skiing. But if the grooming is to keep up, we’ll need some more donations. Our head groomer at Birch Hill sent out this note on Wednesday, March 7:

The Trail Fund is down to it’s last $3,000 dollars. We just spent $700 dollars this morning on diesel and gasoline. We will need another $500 dollars for fuel in about 10 days. The next 4 to 6 weeks are the best skiing of the season!  The Trail fund needs your help!

If you’re ready to donate, just click here. If that doesn’t work, go to the NSCF home page ( and then to the “Support NSCF” dropdown menu. From there click on “Birch Hill Trail Fund.”

Facts about ski trails at Birch Hill:

  • The Ski Club pays for all trail grooming NOT the borough.
  • Our ski season is weeks to months longer than most places.
  • The annual cost of the trail program is about $100,000 a year. This includes: labor, fuel, and equipment maintenance and replacement.
  • Grooming is paid for entirely by donations

Also, is your membership for the ski club current? Your membership helps keep trail grooming and all our other programs running. To join or renew click here or go the “Membership” dropdown menu on the NSCF home page. Have a great spring skiing season!