The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is pleased to announce the fourth and final race in the 23rd Annual KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series, the Kendall Subaru of Fairbanks Ski-Cross, will be held Saturday, January 26, at 11:00am at the Jim Whisenhant Ski Trails at Birch Hill Recreation Area. The KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series provides a competitive forum for skiers of all ages beginning with pre-schoolers. Over 200 entries are anticipated.

Racing begins at 11:00am in free technique with all classes racing in ski-cross format. Distances will be: 1000m for high school and adult skiers, 800m for Grade 7-8, 600m for Grade 5-6, 600m for Grades 3-4 and 300m for Grades K-1-2. This race will serve as a Region VI high school competition, with skiers from Lathrop HS, West Valley HS, and Hutchison HS competing in both boys’ and girls’ classes. The competition will start with the older skiers on the longer courses, then move through progressively shorter distances for the younger classes. The last group to start will be the K-1-2 skiers, tentatively around 1:30PM-2PM. Watch on Friday for complete information.

For more information see our Kinross Fort Knox Town Race Series #4, 
Kendall Subaru of Fairbanks Ski-Cross page.