The first day of the ConocoPhillips Interior Youth Festival was a ton of fun! We had around 60 participants and great temps for an evening of family friendly competition.

The Family Fun Relay was a 3x1km event. Teams were composed of 2-5 skiers, parents/guardians and kids. The first leg was skied by the entire team, the second leg by the parents/guardians, and the final leg by the kids. Awards were given for best hand-off, best costume, and much more.

The Family Fun Relay was immediately followed the Mad-Dash 100-Meter Sprints.

Results for both are below. For PDFs see Family Fun Relay and Mad-Dash 100-Meter Sprints.


Family Fun Relay Event
Birch Hill Recreation Area
Wednesday, March 20, 2019
3x1km Relay
Leg 1: Entire Team
Leg 2: Parent(s) / Guardian(s)
Leg 3: Kid(s)
1. FXC Family; 2. Team Fischwing; 3. Team Pitka; 4. We’re the Allegoods; 5. The Hajduks; 6. Foxy Bees; 7. Hayden Slushers; 8. Twin Turbos; 9. Team Revilo; 10. Team Schneebly; 11. Wild Wild West; 12. The Pidgeons; 13. Grieks; 14. The Paulch 5; 15. Norris Racing; 16. Burning Burnetts; 17. Rad Fam

Mad-Dash 100-Meter Classic Sprint
Wednesday, March 20, 2018
Birch Hill Recreation Area
K-2nd Grade Boys
1. Nolan Hayes (ICS);
2. Hayden Beckett (Spruce Tree Montessori);
3. Oliver Taylor (Jr. Nordics/ Weller);
4. Reid Griek (Jr. Nordics);
5. Jaxon Norris;
6. Landyn Radosevich;
7. Drew Burnett (Woodriver);
K-2nd Grade Girls
1. Ellie Burnett (Woodriver);
2. Rilla Vonnahme;
3rd-4th Grade Boys
1. Skyler Jackson (U Park);
2. Will Rasic (Jr. Nordics/Watershed);
3. John Williamson (Jr. Noridcs);
4. Dalton Koch (Jr. Noridcs);
5. Sean Palchikoff;
6. Joshua Williamson (Jr. Noridcs);
7. Leo West (Pearl Creek);
3rd-4th Grade Girls
1. Lilli Bond (Jr. Nordics);
2. Elli Abrahamson;
3. Daya Allengood (Jr. Nordics);
4. Cynara Koch (Jr. Nordics);
5. Lily Hadjukovich;
5th-6th Grade Boys
1. Scott Tragis (Jr. Nordics);
2. Eli West (FXC Jr. Devo);
3. Kieren Kaufman (FXC Jr. Devo);
4. Miles Palchikoff;
5. Hadyn Radosevich;
5th-6th Grade Girls
Semifinal #1
1. Summer Jackson (U Park);
7th-8th Grade and Open Boys
Heat #1
1. Nelson Hayes (FXC Prep);
2. Elias Engman;
3. Wells Wappett (FXC Prep);
4. Bridger Koch (FXC Prep);
5. Nolan Spillane (FXC Prep);
6. Curtis Beck (FXC Prep);

1. Cirdan Vonnhame (FXC Prep);
2. Brecken Allengood (FXC Prep);
3. PJ Bragonier (FXC Prep);
4. John Haas;
5. Jack Rasic (FXC Prep);
7th-8th Grade and Open Girls
Heat #1
1. Ingrid Baurick (FXC Prep);
2. Leni Stolz (FXC Prep);
3. Sonja Truffer;

Heat #2
1. Zarah Laker/Morris (FXC Prep);
2. Olivia Soderstrom (FXC Prep);
3. Julia Palchikoff;