The NSCF welcomes new board member Davya Flaharty. Thanks for serving, Davya! Here’s a little about her:

I was born and raised in Fairbanks. Being the daughter of Bad Bob and Sharon Baker, I grew up Nordic skiing, running and cycling and enjoyed racing from an early age. I have always felt that Nordic skiing is especially important for Fairbanksans to embrace because it gets so cold and dark—what else do you do?

I remember my sister teaching me how to skate ski at our cabin. In the spring time there is great crust skiing out there and you can ski anywhere, making your own trails, going all day. Skiing is and always has been fun. It’s my #1 rule.

I want to spread the joy of skiing into the hearts of as many Fairbanks newcomers and late bloomers of the sport as possible. And for the youth groups, help them find a balance of fun and competition so they enjoy skiing for the long-haul and not burn out.

I skied and ran for the University of Alaska Anchorage on an athletic scholarship. I married Tyson, former University of Alaska Fairbanks then Alaska Pacific University skier. After earning my BA in Art we moved back home to Fairbanks still skiing and running competitively.

My career has been 10 years with Alaska Biological Research as well as artist. Currently, I work my own business from home in the health and wellness industry while raising our young daughter and son—both love to ski and bike!