Summer is a good time to feature the hardworking NSCF Board members who help make winters so great here in Fairbanks. This week we feature Board Member Eric Buetow in his own words:

My earliest memories of cross-country skiing are olfactory in nature, butane torch in hand, applying pine tar to the lovely wood of my first skis. That’s why I like using the Start Tar waxes! The scent of pine tar in a tube brings me back to those early days in northern Minnesota when we’d step into our three pins and go. Trails? We don’t need no stinking trails!

Fast forward 45 or so years and here I am, involved in one of the best ski organizations anywhere. I decided to join the NSCF Board in an attempt to play some small role in the organization’s continuing efforts to foster a vibrant ski community. We’re incredibly fortunate in Fairbanks to have a combination of world-class facilities and organizers along with dedicated volunteers and club members. My family has enjoyed NSCF on a variety of levels, from FXC to SCUM to many years of Sonots and race volunteering.  It’s all about celebrating our longest season and the joys and benefits cross-country skiing offers.

In the working world, I’ve had a dental practice in North Pole since 1981.

The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks relies on dedicated people to serve on the board. Without board members, we wouldn’t have a club! If you would like to be considered for the board at some point in the future, please send an email to fbxskierparent (at)