Summer is a good time to feature the hardworking NSCF Board members who help make winters so great here in Fairbanks. This week we feature Board Treasurer Anna Sorenson:

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Anchorage, and when I was three, we moved to a 33-acre farm outside Palmer. Just before my freshman year of high school, my family moved to Fairbanks. I am a proud Lathrop and UAF alumna!

When and why did you move to Fairbanks? What do you like about living in Fairbanks?

When I was 14 my parents moved our family north to Fairbanks from Palmer. While it wasn’t a popular decision with me at the time, I soon fell in love with the long winters and big skies of interior Alaska. The generous, tight-knit community and access to many local and remote outdoor recreation opportunities I’ve discovered as an adult have served to deepen my love and commitment to this place.

How long have you been a cross-country skier? What do you remember about first learning to ski?

I’ve been alpine and telemark skiing for as long as I can remember. I started cross-country skiing at age 14 at the urging of my dad (Steve Sorensen, past NSCF board member) before we moved to Fairbanks. I suppose my earliest memory on cross-country skis took place on the Beach Lake Trails at Chugiak High School. We were getting ready to move to Fairbanks and Dad was making an earnest attempt to convince me that cross-country skiing was cool. While I eventually came to love and excel in cross-country, my attitude towards hills has never changed: “I only ski up to glide down.” I skied throughout high school under Kent Slaughter and Donna Hawkins, and for two seasons at UAF.

Why did you choose to serve on the NSCF Board of Directors?

The Nordic Ski Club played a huge role in my life during high school and college. The races, trails, volunteers, and training programs all facilitated my participation and success as a young competitor. In May 2017, when I was asked to serve as the Club’s treasurer, I was excited for the opportunity to use my professional experience to give back to the community that gave me so much as a young athlete and ultimately led to my continued love of cross- country skiing. During my time on the Board I have developed an immense appreciation for the dedication of our board and committee members and staff who give their expertise, time, and hard work to ensure high quality trails, competition, training, and education programs are available in Fairbanks, and the club is managed responsibly. We are actively seeking additional Board and Finance Committee members. I’d be happy to chat with anyone who is interested:

What do you do in your non-NSCF life?

I work at the Northern Alaska Environmental Center as their Director of Administration & Finance, own/operate a small bookkeeping business, help with my husband’s catering and food-trucking business, contract with NSCF as Chief of Timing, and serve as the Board President for Chena-Goldstream Fire & Rescue. When I’m not working or volunteering, I enjoy getting out into remote areas around Fairbanks with my skis and gang of retired sled dogs, and going on long international adventures with my husband.

The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks relies on dedicated people to serve on the board. Without board members, we wouldn’t have a club! If you would like to be considered for the board at some point in the future, please send an email to fbxskierparent (at)