Summer is a good time to feature the hardworking NSCF Board members who help make winters so great here in Fairbanks. This week we feature Special Projects and Grant Coordinator Bruce Jamieson:

I was born and raised in Montana and grew up alpine and backcountry skiing in remote parts of the Montana Rocky Mountains. I came to Alaska in 1969 to work as an assistant big game guide and worked the next six years as a hunting and fishing guide throughout Alaska. I moved to Fairbanks in 1975 with my wife, Ann, and developed first a construction company and then a computer contracting company while raising our son and daughter – both of whom became skiers.

I sold the computer business and retired in 2002 and started looking for some way to give back to the Fairbanks community while still pursuing my interests in outdoor activities and travel. I served six years on the FNSB Trails Commission and ultimately found my volunteer passion with the NSCF, helping to develop a long-term community recreational plan for the Birch Hill Recreation Area in conjunction with the FNSB and the U.S. Army at Fort Wainwright. I started with the club as their Special Projects and Grant Coordinator in 2008. I was then asked to serve as president starting in 2012 and remained in that position until 2018.

Currently I am serving as a member at large on the board and as the Special Projects and Grant Coordinator. During the past decade, I have helped to raise more than $6 million dollars and been involved in dozens of projects to improve life for our membership and for the Birch Hill Recreation Area. I love the community of skiers and projects that I am involved with through the NSCF. It is a great way to give back to the community where I have spent the past 50 years of my life.

  • Below is a partial list of projects Bruce has worked on with the club. These projects are also possible because of the dues and support of other NSCF members.
  • Purchase of three new Skandik snow machines and additional grooming equipment.
  • Purchase of new PB100 Piston Bully groomer.
  • Multiple grants over the last eight years in our relationship with REI.
  • Kitchen addition, exterior decks and finished basement for the Ski Center Building.
  • New van and gear trailer for FXC.
  • Remodel of bathrooms, roof and deck/entry for Warming Hut.
  • Upgrade of most of the trail system at Birch Hill.
  • New trail signs for all of the trails at Birch Hill and the Use Area w/Ft. Wainwright.
  • Technology grant purchases.
  • New weather station (and we may need to purchase another one).
  • Design, bid and construction of the New Maintenance Building.
  • Design and construction of the Sonot Connector and South Side Classic trails.
  • Design and construction of the Sunnyside Trail.
  • Designation of all trails in the Use Area on Ft. Wainwright as non-motorized all year.
  • Design and construction of the new Terrain Park and LED Lighting.

The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks relies on dedicated people to serve on the board. Without board members, we wouldn’t have a club! If you would like to be considered for the board at some point in the future, please send an email to fbxskierparent (at)