Plan to ski off some of those holiday calories on Thursday, December 26, at the Wentz Orthodontics Ski Your Age in Kilometers!

The 16th edition of this annual event will be held at Birch Hill Recreation Area, on the day after Christmas Day. The title sponsor of this year’s event is Wentz Orthodontics with major sponsor Edward Jones Investments / Christopher Knott.

Ski Your Age is a good excuse to go cross-country skiing, visit with other great people, and burn off some of those calories you’ve been stowing away. The event runs officially from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. It has no entry fee, though donations are accepted, and organizers ask that people bring potluck food.

Registration and food will be in the borough’s spacious Birch Hill Cross Country Ski Center. 

The emphasis of Ski Your Age is on fun, socializing and good exercise. Despite its name, people can ski whatever distance they please. Some uber-athletes will be out there hammering the trails, trying to crank out the most kilometers regardless of their age, while other participants will ski just a portion of their age before heading inside to eat and socialize. It’s all good!

Typically, kids as young as 1 or 2 join the fun along with those into their 70s or beyond. And since food and signups are all located in the Birch Hill Cross Country Center, all participants have a chance to socialize no matter their level of intensity or expertise.

If you would like to participate, please bring food to share. Popular items include soups, stews and chili in crockpots, since they are a great way to warm up after an invigorating ski. Sweets are also popular, especially with those crazy geezer-jocks over 50 who ski their age or nearly die trying.

Accomplishments on many levels are recognized. While the Wentz Orthodontics Ski Your Age in Kilometers has no entry fee, it is a fundraiser that benefits FXC, the junior race program of the Nordic?Ski Club of Fairbanks. People will be able to make donations with cash, check or credit card. Membership forms for the NSCF will also be available.

Also, members of NSCF-FXC will be raising funds by gathering pledges for the number of kilometers they ski. That’s another way to support the program. If you want to help pledge contact an NSCF-FXC member or coach Nick Crawford: fxc (at)

For questions or to volunteer, please contact Lynne and Branden Petersen (907/388-3216).