It’s great seeing how many people are participating in the 2020 Denali State Bank “Virtual” Sonot Kkaazoot! You can read reports and see photos on the Sonot Kkaazoot blog (scroll down) and the “Virtual” Sonot Facebook Event.

Since this is a “race,” we decided to keep a running tally (below). Seems like most people are keeping this “race” pretty casual, which seems just right given the circumstances. Congratulations to everyone who is getting out skiing!

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If you’ve done the event and haven’t told us yet, please post on our Facebook Event or send an email to fbxskierparent (at) (Links on names go to Sonot website posts.)

50K Standings

Current place


Total Time or undefined (hrs, min, sec)

Moving Time (hrs, min, sec)


1 Shalane Frost 3:35:31 3:19:11 Five times around the White Bear gerbil loop. Creative route.
2 Sven Grage 4:26:41 Creative route. Great trails, windy conditions.
3 Byron Broda 4:33:47 First 50K finisher! Traditional route. First bilaterally bionic kneed skier to complete the virtual Sonot 50k!
 4 Bill Husby 4:48:34 Creative route. Second bilaterally bionic kneed skier to complete the virtual Sonot 50k! First person to complete two versions of the Virtual Sonot: 20k and 50K! (Finally finished 40k = Grand Slam)
5, 6, 7 Bad Bob and Sharon Baker, and Donna DiFolco 4:54:24 Creative route in a snowstorm. Bob wanted to quit at 40k but was outvoted. Sharon skied another mile to “satisfy” her Garmin.
8 Colleen Personett 5:20:00 Creative route. Low tech, nothing but her word, which is good enough for us!
9 Eric Troyer 6:16:59 5:32:25 Skied classic style (with skate poles). Coyote sighting! Traditional route.
10 Susan Sugai 9:26:39 Creative route. The Sonot Kkaazoot blogger did her race in installments of 10k and then 20k and then two of 12k for a total of 54k. So, she’s an overachiever! The streak continues!
11 Ken Leary ??? Ken skied 62 kilometers between March 24-26, giving him an “official” finish in this year’s Sonot. He and Susan Sugai are the only two people to have done every Sonot Kkaazoot! Read about Ken in the March edition of the Alaska Nordic Skier (page 14).


40K Standings

Current place Name Total Time or undefined (hrs, min, sec) Moving Time (hrs, min, sec) Notes
1 Donovan Granger 3:31:56 Creative route: In two installments and with “moral support and company from Patrick Druckenmiller.”
2 Bruce Jamieson 3:33:02 First 40K finisher! And he’s planning to do the 50K next week! Traditional route.
3 Laura Grage 3:40:37 Creative route. Great trails, windy conditions.
4 Bill Husby 3:49:56 Finishes a Virtual Sonot Grand Slam: 50k, 40k, 20k. One of our NSCF groomer/heroes.
5 Eric Buetow 4:10:00 SCUM-ish and leisurely. Creative route. Also did 20k earlier.
6 Raena Rowland 4:14:23 40k on the three installment plan
7 Jerome Jackson 4:52:00 Creative route: 3 White Bears plus misc trails. 30k pushing skate skis thru powder, then 10k of double pole (broken binding)
8, 9, 10 Donna DiFolco, Bad Bob and Sharon Baker 5 hours flat Creative route included Moose Mountain and hiking up the Sonot Connector. Bob and Sharon complete the Virtual Sonot Grand Slam: 50k, 40k, and 20k.
11 Mark Billingsley A little over 5 hours Creative route. Might have been a bit more than 40k. Classic style
12 Joanna Fox 6:21:22 Creative route. After doing a skate/classic 20k, Joanna added even more k’s. In fact, she actually did just under 42k.

20K Standings

Current place Name Total Time or undefined (hrs, min, sec) Moving Time (hrs, min, sec) Notes
1 Mark Ross 1:11:40 Artist of the 2020 Sonot Kkaazoot poster, now available on the outside bench of the Birch Hill Warming Hut for donation of whatever (online or in the Iron Ranger at bottom of stairs). Creative route.
2 Jim Gower 1:17:11 Missed the turnaround (but still finished)! Mostly traditional route.
3 Bill (Poles) Husby 1:26.13 Traditional route.
4 Anna Rix 1:34:14 Creative route
5, 6 Kieran (12) and Max Kaufman 1:35:00 Traditional route.
7 Mark Winford (50) 1:35:22 Incredibly beautiful, sunny day. Creative route.
8, 9 Bad Bob and Sharon Baker 1:38:27 First overall finishers! Traditional route.
 10 Brandy Johnson 1:52:14 Also skied the Chena River 20k in early March!
11 Christi Eickholt 2:11:15 “no coronavirus or thoughts of it for two hours” Traditional route.
12, 13 Dave Prusak and Eric Buetow 2:14:06 Dave skied with one pole (shoulder surgery). Coyote sighting! Traditional route.
14, 15 Lilli Bond (10) and Steffi Ickert-Bond (53)  2:16:00


Creative route: From Cushman St. Bridge up to Birch Hill Stadium (incl South Tower!)
16 Corrine Leistikow 2:17:02 2:10:58 Leisurely 20k.
17 Richard Bond (57) 2:27:00 And then picked up Lilli and Steffi. Traditional route.
18, 19 Julie Esdale and Jen Humphrey 2:30:00 Creative route. Julie wore a crown from her Oosik costume.
20 Lisa Stuby 2:30:00 (or so) Creative route: Cold toes and cranky GPS watch, but finished this time after her platform snowshoes attempt earlier.
20, 21 Don and Tracie Pendergrast 2:32:30 Traditional route.
22 Kieran and Max Kaufman, Scott and John Tragis 2:38:02 Creative route. “Our FXC skiers keep their fathers active.”
23 Maria Taylor 3:00:28 Skied mostly with family; had lots of tasty snacks. Creative route.
24, 25 Diane O’Brien and Owen (12) Wooller 3:07:11 2:17:37 Creative route. A family race that included a Girl Scout cookie break.
26, 27 Phoebe (10) and Mat Wooller 3:22:00  Creative route. A family race. “Phoebe, at < 60 lbs and the least confident of her ability to ski 20 km, probably looked the freshest of all of us.”
28 Robert Toth 3:39:00 After a moose encounter causes a crash, Robert finishes anyway. Creative route. Determined to get a 50k in, Bob did another 30k on Monday after recovering from lots of lots of home snow clearing.
29, 30, 31, 32 Cara (9) and Emmett (12) Schneider, Lily (14) and Carol (62) Hsieh 3:45:00 Creative route.
33, 34 Kelly Hill Scanlon with Ruby and Beastie No time Traditional route.
35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 Chris Broda, Johnna and Jon Underwood, Callie and David Underwood, Karin Gillis, Nancy Hanneman No time This group skied the 1993 and 1994 traditional route, when the race started and ended at the Steese Highway instead of Cushman Street.

Creative route, creative distance, creative team

Distance Name Total Time or undefined (hrs, min, sec) Moving Time (hrs, min, sec) Notes
100k Sam Delamere and Ti Donaldson 8:47:03 7:41:57 Creative “Tour de Fairbanks” route including Birch Hill, Creamer’s refuge, and UAF. Classic technique. 30k of no-kick double-poling at end.
80k Anna Rix 8:53:39 During Virtual Sonot did 118k total at Birch Hill (including her 20k) over 12hrs, 20min. Also did 86k at UAF.
60k Carl Hemming 6:57:38  After doing the Traditional 20k route in 1:47:38, Carl added two 20k efforts (one in tough conditions) on Creative routes.
54k Greg Kahoe ??? One leg (of his effort) was a bit late, but he finished with all his organs intact and in place.
40k + Peter Delamere 4 hrs or so Skied UAF to Birch Hill with a few more k’s at Birch. Wishes for an overpass at Steese and Farmer’s Loop.
40k Shalane Frost 3:38:00 Tanana River and Rosie Creek forest? Sure, we’ll include that.
30k + Frank Soos A lot Did the Grand Tour of Birch Hill
50k relay? Susan Sugai, Norma Haubenstock, Joanna Fox A lot Fairbanks Master Swimmers go “swimming” in the snow with skis!
About 30k Jon Denton 2:51:00 His skis sounded like a rocket ship and he “med evac’ed out,’ but fortunately he was talking about the trail.
27k Hannah Delamere and Hjelle Personius ??? Skied UAF to Birch Hill. Declined to join Hannah’s father for a few more k at Birch Hill.
27k Pat Reinhard, Mike Schmoker, Dave Prusak ??? SCUM-ish pace. Creative route.
26.6k Max Kaufman, Owen W. Hanley, Steve Taylor, and Erik Schoen 01:59:00 Steve actually did about 20k, Owen did extra k’s for good measure.
25-27k? J.J. Frost 2:15:00 (or so) Birch Hill portion of 50k except Sonot Connector (phone froze, so no exact documentation)
20-25k Forest Wagner 3:02:00 (or so) Thought of skiing the White Bear a couple more times, but nah. Creative route.
17k Elizabeth Allman Does it matter? Despite all sorts of obstacles (including not being able to get to Birch Hill) Elizabeth devised her “own private Sonot” on unplowed subdivision roads. She still plans to finish the last three k!
16k Lisa Stuby 3:16:04 Moose barring the trail did not stop Lisa, but a case of platform snowshoes cut her 20k attempt short.