All right, all you dedicated skiers! The Chena River and the weather are piling chaos on top of chaos. But we will not be defeated! (See Bad Bob’s report, link below.)

Anyone wanting to compete in the 2020 Denali State Bank Virtual Sonot Kkaazoot can still do so. Ski trails at Birch Hill Recreation Area until you reach 20, 40, or 50 km (or any other distance). Send us a screen shot of the display from your GPS route, date, and time to us at: or We’ll post the virtual 33rd Sonot Kkaazoot times for all three distances. If you ski low tech, send us your time, date, and detailed course description. The main goal is to get out and ski while we can. Ski on!

You can also post your personal Sonot report on the Sonot Facebook Event:

Bad Bob’s Report on the Chena