Tomorrow is the final day of the Denali State Bank ‘Virtual’ Sonot Kkaazoot!

We’ve had more than 60 entries so far. Check them out on the Sonot blog and in the ongoing results (links below). Anyone who has not participated has until tomorrow to complete their “own private Sonot,” as described by one of our skiers. Enjoy yourself out on the trails and say hi to others, just remember to stay at least six feet away. (Shake hands with the tips of your poles!)

If you’ve done a version of the “virtual” Sonot and want to do another, that’s allowed! Just about everything is allowed with this Sonot. (Check out the “Creative route, creative distance, creative team” section of the standings.) People can register on the Sonot website or just make a donation to the trail fund. If funds are tight for you right now and you can’t afford to register or make a donation, no worries. We’ll still count you! What’s most important right now is that you are getting out on skis and enjoying our incredible outdoors.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far! And thank you to our cadre of incredible groomers who have been keeping the trails in great shape despite a couple of over-exuberant dumps of the wonderful fluffy stuff.

And thank you to everyone who has been able to donate to the Birch Hill Trail Fund to keep up the grooming! We know times are tough right now, so every donation is greatly appreciated. (And we totally understand if you want to donate now but can’t afford to until things are better.)

Another way to help out is to “buy” one of Mark Ross’s Sonot posters for whatever sized donation you want to make. The posters are available in the Warming Hut at Birch Hill. The come in orange or black. Either make your poster donations on the Birch Hill Trail donations site (link below) or put cash or a check in the Iron Ranger at the bottom of the stairs to the Stadium at Birch Hill. Please note “Sonot Poster” so we can track those donations. One per person.

If you do finish your Sonot on Saturday but are too tired to write up and send in your report until Sunday or Monday, no worries! Send them to fbxskierparent (at) or contact (at) or add a post to our Facebook Event. We’ll add entries for a couple of days after the event.

Sonot website and race registration (scroll down for the blog)

Ongoing results

Original NSCF post explaining the “rules”

Birch Hill Trail Fund donations