The Turkey Day Relays are over, so now you can digest the results!

The 56th Annual Turkey Day Relays, presented by Beaver Sports, were held virtually this year on the weekend after Thanksgiving. More than 30 “teams” participated. Teams is in quotes, because the fastest top 4K time was by a fast young turkey who apparently has three legs!

“Three Legs” (Ari Endestad, Ari Endestad, Ari Endestad) took first in the 4K with a time of 28 minutes, 39 seconds. “Cured Turkeys” (Logan Mowry, Tobias Albrigtsen, Mark Ross) took second (though first in “real” teams) in 31:26. “Eli Won’t Wear Glitter” (Zarah Laker-Morris, Eli Merrill, Sonja Truffer) took third in 33:43.

In the 1K version of the race, “The Fudgy Brownies” (Ellie Abrahamson, Lilli Bond, Ingrid Baurick) took first with a time of 08:51. The “Turketeers” (Reid Merrill, Will Rasic, Bridger Petersen) took second in 10:08.  The “Attack of the Aerodynamic Armadillo Assassins” (Samuel Padilla, Owen Wooller, Phoebe Wooller) took third with a time of 11:03.

For more results, including individual leg times and results, look under Results List on the right of this page.

Make sure to take a look at the many fun team names! See if you can unpack “Ch(K)ris-ti-ina-a.” It’s like a word puzzle!

Thank you to everyone who participated and to our wonderful sponsor Beaver Sports!