The first Distance Race of the season is set for this weekend and once again you have lots of choices because this will be a virtual race!

Racers can choose classic or skate, whether to go 7.5K or 15K, and when to do their race over the weekend. The races are both one-lap races on the designated courses (link to info about maps below). You may race any time between 9AM Saturday, December 12, and 6PM Sunday, December 13.

Grooming will be standard grooming with a skate lane and one track along the side of the trail.  There will be no setup in the stadium – no V-board or fencing.

Registration is open through Sunday evening. In addition to a confirmation e-mail, you will receive a time entry e-mail from Athlinks with a unique URL for uploading your race time. You are responsible for skiing the correct course and for timing yourself. Please make sure you enter your correct time for the correct distance and technique. You will have until midnight Wednesday night to enter your time.

For more information on registration, racecourses, and results, see here. (Scroll down, info is on the right side of the page.)

The NSCF BOD has made the decision to conduct these races in virtual format in light of the current health environment and statewide health emergency.

We are trying to provide an opportunity for competition that will enable you to challenge yourself physically without creating a situation that promotes the spread of the virus. Given the conditions, we are not able to put together an event with all the normal bells and whistles. If you have constructive suggestions or feedback, please e-mail

Good luck racing!