John Estle, the NSCF Director of Competition (and rabid racing fan), would like any Nordic racing fans to be able to get their World Cup fixes. To that end, he has provided this guide to watching World Cup races.

How to watch if you have cable TV:
You can watch some of the races on NBC’s Olympic Channel, and some of them on NBC Sports Network (NBCSN).  These productions include commentary in English

How to watch if you don’t have cable TV:
If you don’t have cable TV, you will have to stream the races over the internet via NBC’s Peacock Premium streaming service.  A subscription costs $4.99/month. The Peacock streaming service does not include coverage of World Cup Cross Country ski racing – you have to use the Peacock Premium service.  The advantages of this service are that you do not have to watch the races live (middle of the night) or remember to TiVo them.  You can watch the races live if you wish, or anytime after they occur – like over breakfast and coffee on the couch Sunday morning before you ski!

There is no commentary accompanying the video feed, so you need to pay attention to the timing information as it is presented on the screen, and you’ll need to pay close attention to the uniforms so you know what nation the skiers represent.  For those of you who find the commentary annoying, or who have suffered through David Goldstrom’s lack of knowledge of the sport and horrible pronunciation of foreign names on the English-language EuroSport coverage, the lack of commentary is a feature, not a problem.

You may also be able to find a Norwegian-language or Swedish-language version on YouTube later in the day of the live broadcast, or perhaps the next day.  The SKILANDSLAGET channel on YouTube has had some of these videos available for viewing.

In addition to the cross country skiing World Cup, Peacock Premium also includes ALL ski discipline World Cups:  biathlon, alpine, jumping, Nordic combined and freestyle.  So, if you enjoy watching the variety of skiing, a subscription to Peacock Premium provides lots of options.