You’ve got several days to choose from to Ski Your Age this season!

Ski Your Age draws participants young and old.

Ski Your Age in Kilometers is happening again. Like many events, it’s happening in a do-it-yourself format. That’s not a huge change for Ski Your Age, as much of it is usually DIY. But there are some changes. The downside is that the ski center potluck won’t be happening. The good news is that you have many more choices in which to ski your age.

The “event” will run from Saturday, December 26, to Saturday, January 2.

Here’s how it will work this year (season):

  • Choose a day in which to participate.
  • Ski your age in kilometers (or some portion of it, or even more!).
  • Record your info here:
    • You have two options: results for an individual, and results for family groups of two or more.
    • Remember to check the “Single Day” box if you do your kilometers all in one day (see the PSST below).
  • If you are on Facebook, you can share photos and comments on our Ski Your Age Facebook event.

There is no fee, and there won’t be a donation jar but please consider making a donation to the Birch Hill Trail Fund. If you haven’t donated yet this season, you can also participate in the Goldstream Sports Trail Donor Challenge. Until December 29, Goldstream Sports will match donations up to a $2,000 cap.

P.S. (or maybe that should be PSST): If you decide to Ski Your Age over several days, no one’s watching. Record your numbers in the submission form, and leave the “Single Day” box unchecked.

PSSSSST: You probably realize you can ski anywhere. We think Birch Hill is awesome, but we are just happy if you are out skiing, so go for it wherever you are!

Now go out and have a blast! (Of course, if you are skiing you already are having a blast, right?)

Questions? Send an email to