The Backcountry Film Festival is again coming to Fairbanks only this time you will get to watch at your convenience.

Like many COVID-era events, the film festival will be virtual, but you will have more opportunities to watch these new exciting films. The festival is sponsored by the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks as a fundraiser for the club.

The festival consists of a series of short films celebrating human-powered backcountry activities. The selected films run the gamut from fun to serious, shorter to longer. Most have a skiing theme, but there are some environmental and other themes as well.


Ticket holders can start viewing the “2020-21 Backcountry Film Festival” on January 23. The festival has 11 films that include world-class slackliners, aging gracefully, skiing in a living room, and, of course, some backcountry skiing in spectacular scenery. See a trailer and the film line-up here:


Tickets are $20 for an individual and $35 for a family. Proceeds benefit the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks and Winter Wildlands. You have a month in which to purchase the tickets. Once you start watching, you will be able to access the films for seven days. You can watch them all at once, watch one or a few at a time, or watch films more than once. Even if you buy on the last day tickets are available, you will still have access to the films for seven days.

Tickets will be available January 23 – February 23. Purchase them here:

Note: The Backcountry Film Festival “Best of the Fest,” which featured films from the previous 15 years of the festival, was offered last month. This new showing has all-new films.


The Backcountry Film festival aims to entertain while helping to raise funds and awareness for Winter Wildlands and its like-minded partners, such as the NSCF. The festival, which was created in 2004, normally premieres in Boise, ID, and then travels to more than 100 locations worldwide. Funds raised by the festival showings stay in local communities to support human-powered recreation and conservation efforts and to raise awareness of winter management issues, avalanche training/safety and winter education programs.

For more information on the Fairbanks event contact Lisa Druckenmiller at skirunplay (at)