Once again you’ll have lots of choices for the upcoming KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race!

The fourth and final race of the KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series, the Fairbanks Youth Sports Trophy, is open for registration and has several options, including in-person or virtual.

When participants sign up they can choose between an in-person race, held on Saturday, February 6, or a virtual race held all weekend. The in-person race will have COVID-19 mitigation protocols, including for spectators. Kids entering the in-person race must be part of an organized program (see below for more details).

Race information and links to online registration are now available on the web at:

Town Series #4 will be offered in virtual format to the general public. There will be an in-person version for adults and skiers who are in organized ski programs with coaches who will be in attendance throughout the race to ensure compliance with the NSCF’s COVID-19 mitigation protocols. Please contact the Competition Events Program Director if you have questions: competitionevents@nscfairbanks.org.

There are separate registration forms for the virtual race and the in-person race, so please be sure to register for the event you want to race in.

The in-person race will take place on Saturday, February 6, beginning at 10:30AM. The race should be complete sometime between 1:30PM and 2:00PM. If you are participating in the virtual race, please do not race on the course until after the Saturday in-person competition is complete.

The in-person race will be an interval start, free technique competition on a 2.5Km course. High school and adult men will race 5Km, high school and adult women will race 7.5Km and elementary and middle school skiers will race 2.5Km.

The virtual race will use the same course as the in-person race. Skiers may choose to do the virtual race either in classic or skate technique — you choose at the time you register.

After registering online, skiers in the virtual race should receive a “time-entry” email from Athlinks with a unique URL at which you can enter your time. We ask that virtual competitors race on Saturday (after the in-person race) or Sunday. You have until Wednesday night, February 10, to enter your time.

The race course should be clearly marked with directional arrows by Friday night.

Good luck racing in the final KINROSS/Fort Knox Town Series race of the season!