Want to get in shape this summer? Or stay in shape if you’re already fit?

FXC Masters is offering several weekly summer workout classes for Fairbanks adults. FXC Masters is an arm of the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks, but these classes are designed for and open to skiers and non-skiers alike. They are a way to keep people motivated and improve their fitness throughout the summer. No prior experience with training programs is needed.

One interval class is being offered on Thursday evenings. Two strength training classes are being offered, one on Thursday mornings and one on Tuesday evenings. The Tuesday strength class is almost full due to returning participants, but there several spaces left in both Thursday classes.

All classes are held outdoors and are designed to accommodate and challenge all fitness levels, though participants of the interval class should be able to jog 20 minutes continuously. All classes are also taking COVID precautions as necessary, following local medical guidelines.

You can learn more about all these classes and sign-up online at: www.nscfairbanks.org/programs/fxc/masters/

Please contact Christina Turman with any questions: fxcmasters@nscfairbanks.org