Took the small drag out this morning to see if there was anything that could be done to the icy rutted surface. I did not drag over the tracks. Used the drag on Warm-up, Relay Start, Tower Loop, White Bear Access , White Cub, and the White Bear. All trails are a mixed bag of lots of leaves, very thin snow on some sections, then in other sections it’s great snow and  little to no leaves.   

The contractor that takes care of the trail lights on the White Bear was out with trucks working on the lights at some point since it snowed and managed to get one truck stuck on the inbound below the Biathlon Range. Pretty deep ruts in that area.

One person had skied. It looked like the dragging had helped some what. Good thing is it looks like a lot of the birch and aspen leaves have fallen over the last two weeks,  but I think there are going to be sections where leaves on the trails and tracks will be with us most of the winter.