This year’s Moose Mountain Sunrise Ski Tour (MMSST) was very popular, attracting 32 adventurous skiers.  Unfortunately, the skies were very cloudy with light snow falling, so it was impossible to actually witness the SUNRISE, but we’re all sure it came up at about 11:00 AM.
The trails were very freshly groomed just an hour before the tour. The temp was +10 degrees and the skiing was EXCELLENT! This year’s tour included the NEW TRAIL that connects the Bakers Sunrise Lookout to the top, just below the old Nike missile site.
Even without the sunshine, this new section wanders through the 2011 burn and treats all who travel through it an amazing contrast of white snow and burnt black tree trunks. The many twisted trees and countless burls and irregularities make this trail quite the enchanting experience. A sizable rock outcrop halfway through this trail appears to be a group of sleeping mammoths, suggesting a great name for this trail: The Sleeping Mammoths.
From the Moose Mountain gate (near the intersection of Moose Mountain and Monteverde roads), around the turnaround, and back down to the gate, measured 7 miles.  Ninety percent of the skiers completed the whole course, while a few even went farther. Most were finished about 2 hours after they started.
Keep the Saturday before Christmas next year open for the 6th Annual Moose Mountain Sunrise Ski Tour, and maybe the SUN will join us, too!
Bad Bob and Sharon Baker
MMSST Leaders

A view from the trail WITH a sunrise!