Still working on removing downed trees on some of the trails, but we did groom the White Bear out to Sonot Jct. Because of downed powerlines for the trail lights, the Army has shut off the trail lights on the White Bear. Tower Loops lights are still off as well.   

Continued working on the Black Loops this morning. This was the first time we have had the PistenBully on the Black trails this season so it is pretty slow going. As amazing as the  PistenBully is, it is still spinning out on some of the steeper hills and sharper corners, so it is pretty ugly in spots. 

We will keep plugging away and before we know it all the trails will be done. PistenBully is using almost 30 gallons of diesel fuel a day, if you have not made a trail donation it would be a great time to help out.

Happy New Year to everyone.