Back-to-back snowstorms and frigid temperatures might have delayed the 18th Annual Wentz Orthodontics Ski Your Age in Kilometers, but Fairbanks skiers rallied nonetheless!

More than 50 skiers participated and cranked out more than 900 kilometers, in this event, which was also sponsored by Edward Jones financial advisor Christopher Knott. Skiers from 11 years old to more than 70 came out and put in some k’s.

Ski Your Age had been set for December 26 but was postponed until January 1 due to unprecedented back-to-back snowstorms that dumped record amounts of snow (and rain). By January 1 the storms had ended (barely), the parking lots plowed (as much as could be expected), and the trails groomed (well, a lot of them). Of course, Mother Nature decided to have some fun by throwing us some cold. Temperatures hovered around 20 below F for the event and the snow was really slow, but some incredibly tough people came out and skied anyway!

It should be noted that a lot of tough 50+-year-olds who normally ski their age, didn’t reach those high marks this time, but some younger skiers put in impressive numbers. Nicholas Buth, 16, logged an incredible 55 kilometers, Eli Merrill, 18, put in 40K, and Owen Wooler, 14, skied 35.5K! The highest number put in by someone in the 50-year-old+ category was Corrine Leistikow, 62, who skied 32 kilometers.

Three FXC skiers, Zarah Laker-Morris, Nelson Hayes, and Tjarn Bross, along with FXC Head Coach Jeff Tucker couldn’t make the delayed even because they were in Utah for the U.S. Cross Country Ski Championships, but they dutifully called in their distances (20K each). At least one math nerd skied. Max Kaufman left a note saying his distance was “skied in KM absolute value of temp in degreesF.”

The Birch Hill Cross Country Ski Center (big red building) was closed, so the typical (pre-Covid) relaxing sit-down opportunity had to be adapted. The resourceful FXC organizers made things work in the Warming Building, hanging the sign-up charts where they could and offering hot drinks and wrapped baked goods. Due to Covid concerns, many people made their stops at the building brief, mainly just to record their numbers, make a donation, and grab a snack.

The support of Wentz Orthodontics and Edward Jones financial advisor Christopher Knott was greatly appreciated by FXC, as this is one of the annual fundraisers for the team.

Many thanks to the volunteers and organizers who put on this event, and to participants who generously donated funds. Just over $850 was raised during the event (not including the support from our sponsors)!

Below is a listing of all the category achievements for those who signed up and recorded the kilometers they skied.


2021(22) Ski Your Age in KMs

Total Number of Skiers: 50

Total Number of KMs Skied: 909.14

Total Number of people who skied their age: 13

Title Sponsor: Wentz Orthodontics

Major Sponsor: Edward Jones, Financial Advisor Christopher Knott

Skied their age: Skied greater than or equal to their age (ranked by age)

Name Age Kilometers
Lilli Bond 12 12.5
Owen Wooler 14 35.5
Kieran Kaufman 14 14.25
Elias Engman 16 22
Zarah Laker-Morris 16 20
Nelson Hayes 16 20
Sonja Truffer 16 16
Leni Stolz 16 16
Nicholas Buth 16 55
Olav Moeller 16 17.32
Pirada Anderson 17 17.32
Eli Merrill 18 40
Tjarn Bross 20 20



Skied Half Their Age: Didn’t ski their age, but skied greater than or equal to half of age (ranked by age)

Name Age Kilometers
Phoebe Wooler 11 9.3
Emmett Schnieder 14 10.5
Katelyn Gianni 16 11.5
Kasper Bennderson 16 10
Jordan Laker-Morris 19 10.5
Mallory Presler 19 11.6
Maggie Whitaker 20 11.6
Warren Rosholt 27 17.5
Jeff Tucker 28 20
Dmitry Brazhnikov 34 20
Katerina Vrbecka 40 20
Peter Delamere 52 30
Martin Truffer 53 27.25
Sarah Masterman 56 30.6
Donna DiFolco 57 30.6
Corrine Lestikow 62 32


Couple Combos (ranked by distance)

Team Name     Ages Ks skied
Troyer/Leistikow Eric Troyer Corrine Leistikow 61, 62 42
Team Chech/Russia Dmitry Brazhnikov Katerina Vrbecka 34, 40 40
Baker Sharon Bad Bob 63, 63 28
Callis Alyeska Evans 23, 23 21.4


Family Combos, not including Couples (ranked by distance)

Team Name       Ages Ks skied
Truffer Sonja Truffer Dana Truffer-Moudra Martin Truffer 16, 48, 53 60.85
Wooller Owen Pheobe Mat 14, 11, 50 54.1
Laker-Morris Zarah Jordan 16, 19 30.5
Dissing/ Bennderson Dorta Dissing Kasper Bennderson 52, 16 20
Bond Lilli Bond Steffi Ickert-Bond 12, 55 18
Team Schneider 9, 11, 45 8.2