When: February 26, 2022

Start time and place: 10am, Rosie Creek Trail, Beaver Pond trailhead (see directions below) Google Maps link to trailhead: https://goo.gl/maps/ZgrA4sLL5Y2SXN9Y9

Estimated tour time: 1.5 to 2 hours Description: This is a great beginner tour, fitness wise. Also good for people who haven’t been on this gem of a trail system before and would like an introduction to it. The Rosie Creek trail system in the Tanana Valley State Forest extends for many miles, so we won’t be doing all of it, but you’ll get a good introduction and a great ski!

To reach the tour start: Take the Parks to Cripple Creek, proceed a few miles until the road is no longer paved, then take a right onto Rosie Creek Road. Drive another mile or two to the trail system entrance on your right. Park on the side of the road. The drive takes just over half an hour from downtown.

No cancel temperature.

Friendly dogs allowed.

And while cross-country skiing is fairly safe, please remember to be Covid-aware. Try to keep your distance and mask if you can’t.

Steven Hansen, (907) 799-5627, or stevenseanhansen@gmail.com.