The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks would like to thank Daniel Abramowicz for selecting the NSCF to receive a $1,000 check from Gatorade!

Daniel, who just became a state champion in three distance track and field running events, was selected in January as the Gatorade Alaska Boys Cross Country Player of the Year. He won the state High School Cross Country Running championship last year, helping lead the West Valley boys’ team to the state title.

As part of being the Gatorade Alaska Boys Cross Country Player of the Year, Daniel was allowed to award an organization $1,000. The check has to go to an organization that “helps young athletes realize the benefits of playing sports.”

Besides being an incredible runner, Daniel is also a fine skier who skied for West Valley. We are honored that he selected our organization. The NSCF works hard to make our Junior Nordics and FXC programs the best they can be. With the help of sponsors, we also make sure that youth skiers are allowed free entry to our KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series. This award by Daniel strengthens our resolve to continue that tradition.

Daniel is the first from West Valley High School to win this award. It is a great honor, especially because it considers not just his athletic achievements, but also his academic excellence and his work as a peer tutor and volunteer.

See Daniel’s Gatorade page here.

We are humbled by Daniel’s generosity. We wish him luck as he moves on to college. Daniel has decided to attend the University of San Francisco. KTVF had a story when he recently signed his letter of intent.

The Gatorade Cross Country Player of the Year award has touched the NSCF before. Kendall Kramer, a top skier and runner who has skied for FXC, West Valley High School and the UAF Nanooks, won the award three years in a row: 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20.