Meet the Board introduces the Board of Directors of the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks to NSCF members and the general public. This Q and A article features Jon Denton, an architect who joined the board earlier this season. Jon is serving as a member-at-large.

Where did you grow up?

Grew up in Spokane Washington downhill skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Spokane and 49 Degrees North.

When and why did you move to Fairbanks?

Moved up to Fairbanks at the beginning of 2013 to help design a school in Valdez.

What do you like about living in Fairbanks?

Fairbanks has great access to outdoor activities and people take care of each other.

How long have you been a cross-country skier?

I didn’t really learn how to cross country ski until I moved up to Fairbanks almost 10 years ago.  I still have a lot to learn about the sport.

What do you remember about first learning to ski?

Started downhill skiing when I could walk. Remember my parents skiing with me under their legs and sending me loose to make a pizza with my skis. Learning how to Nordic ski as an adult, I probably cried more because I was working so hard and wiping out.

What do you like about cross-country skiing?

The sport does wonders for my mind and body.  I love the silence and how my mind lets go of the world and I can focus on skiing. I also love how skiing helps my body stay strong.

Where do you like to cross-country ski and why?

Everywhere……..I have roller skis, skateboards, snowboards, downhill skis, uphill skis, skate skis, surfboards.  You can ride anywhere with some imagination and determination.

Why did you choose to serve on the NSCF Board of Directors?

The NSCF is an amazing resource for the skiing in the region. I started helping as ski patroller at races and saw how much fun people were having in the events.  Soon after, started taking lessons and participating in the FXC Master programs and have seen some amazing progress and have met amazing people along the way.  Ultimately I want to learn and give back as much as possible to the community.

What do you do in your non-NSCF life?

I love going on adventures with my friends and family.

Is there anything more you want to tell us about yourself?

I love skiing at Birch Hill and am thankful for all the hard work folks put in to making it such a great place to ski.