Plan to ski off some of those holiday calories on Monday, December 26, at the Ski Your Age in Kilometers!

The 19th edition of this annual event will be held at Birch Hill Recreation Area, on the day after Christmas Day. The event is put on by FXC, the junior race-training program of the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks (NSCF), which will provide plates and utensils for the potluck and will have a silent auction set up.

Ski Your Age is NOT a race. It is a good excuse to go cross-country skiing, visit with other great people, and burn off some of those calories you’ve been stowing away. The event runs officially from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It has no entry fee, though donations to FXC are accepted. Registration and food will be in the borough’s spacious Birch Hill Cross Country Ski Center. Charts will be hung up to log how many kilometers you skied, and what division you are skiing in (Father-Daughter, Sibling, Solo etc!)

The emphasis of Ski Your Age is on fun, socializing, and good exercise. Despite its name, people can ski whatever distance they please. Some uber-athletes will be out there hammering the trails, trying to crank out the most kilometers regardless of their age, while other participants will ski just a portion of their age. It’s all good!

Everyone is encouraged to bring leftover holiday food to share in the big ski chalet potluck style. You can ski, come in to warm up and eat, then go ski some more! The event is free and open to the whole community.

For questions or to volunteer, please contact Christina Turman: