Wind-strewn debris and chilly temperatures didn’t stop more than 100 people coming out to the 19th annual Ski Your Age in Kilometers.

Ski Your Age 2022

The youngest participant in the purple jacket trying to keep up with big brother.

Those hardy skiers cranked out more than 1800 kilometers at Birch Hill Recreation Area. Skiers from 4 to 73 years old came out and put in some k’s. Bobby Gillis skied the most kilometers of the day, going a few kilometers past his age for a 60.5-kilometer ski.

Conditions were challenging on some of the trails due to several days of wind that spread debris on the trails. Fortunately, the wind died down just in time for the NSCF groomers to get to some of the trails.

Gillis, who skied most of the trails, said conditions were good on the lighted loops, which the groomers had groomed just before the event. Things were more challenging on the other trails, which were still littered with “a bunch of woody debris and dollops of snow.” (The groomers did get out the following days to take care of more of the trails.)

“I considered stopping at 58k to complete my age, but 60 seemed like a more round number, so I stayed out a little longer,” Gillis said. “It took about 7 1/2 hours with lots of time to chat with folks, refuel and wax.”

People out skiing & socializing! Both, equally important to Ski Your Age

Thank you to everyone who came out for this fun community event. It also serves as a fundraiser for NSCF’s FXC junior race-training program, which put on the event. Thanks also to the NSCF groomers for getting the trails in shape for the event.

To see how everyone did, check out this page: Ski Your Age 2022 – Sheet1. Everyone highlighted in yellow skied their age or further.