We had only a few takers for our two tours this weekend, but the participants had a great time anyway. Perhaps others were out at the Yukon Quest or doing other things.

Rosie Creek Ramble

Report from leader Steven Hansen:
There was a small turnout this time, just two other skiers. But we had a good time of it nonetheless, doing the full loop in just under two hours in perfect snow conditions. Temperature was right around 0 at the beaver pond and probably rose 15 degrees where we topped out on the ridge.

Bear Creek Descent-Ascent of Chuck Johnson Trail

Report from leader Philip Marshall:
Attached 3 pics of yesterday’s ski. 2 attendees; 2 dogs. Perfect weather & conditions: ~3′ snow; ~5 deg F topside; ~-8 deg F valley floor. Maybe 2 mph wind. 3 hrs. Bright sun as it returns on a clear day! Skins mandatory. No animals; moose tracks. Full moon circled overhead later. Cosmic.

Skinning up start of Chucks Bear Cr Trail

Start on Fairbanks Cr Rd to Bear Creek

View down Bear Cr Road to Bear Cr Valley