When: Saturday, March 11, 2023

Where: Meet at Skiland Road DOTPF (highway dept.) pullout just off the Steese Highway at 11 AM.

Tour Description: Advanced level ski, 3.5-4.5 hours. Car shuttle to Old FE Lodge at Chatanika (bring shovels to dig parking spots) then back to start at Fairbanks/Fish Creek Roads intersection.

Rolling terrain out at Cleary-Summit following the unplowed (but snowmobiled) Fairbanks Creek Road leading to the old Fairbanks-Circle Trail. We shall continue NE on this trail out past Monkey Rock then turn N off the trail to Champagne Rock for several long, sometimes fast, descents through the 2004 & 5 burn areas.

Great views of the Alaska Range, the White Mountains and Chena Domes. We stop for a snack enroute. The final descent to the Davidson Ditch is fast and curvy, spitting one out like a thunderbolt, hence its name “Zeus”. This section can be walked. Finish with a pleasant forest ski past Leonard Seppala’s cabin at Chatanika.

If group so inclined, can adjourn to the nearby Chatanika Lodge for sustenance.

No temperature cut-off.


Leader: Philip S. Marshall (H:457-3895, or pmarshall@acetekk.com., or Jan Lokken Marshall at Cleary: 389-2449).