Friday we groomed and set tracks on just about everything except the Classical only trails. Be advised that the short section of Cliffside trail adjoining the alpine hill lodge has been converted to an access road (bare dirt) for an upcoming event. Skiers can divert east around the newly constructed event mountain.

Tempting as it may be, please don’t ski right behind the groomers. It takes a couple of hours for the snow to set up properly so that even more people can appreciate that wonderful corduroy.

Word from the Birch Hill Groomers reports on Birch Hill Recreation Area, which is groomed by the NSCF (with help from your donations). To see a detailed list of recently groomed trails scroll down the page at:

Birch Hill is just one of the places to ski in the Fairbanks area. Other Interior trails are groomed specifically for skiing or for multiple uses. Find out more here:

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