New tracks on the Southside Classics (Blackhawk and Chinook trails). Enjoy the sunshine.

Take advantage of the great trails today! A couple of reminders:

–Birch Hill trails will be closed on March 13, 14, and 16 for Junior National racing.

–Spectating at Junior Nationals is ON FOOT ONLY. Spectating on skis is prohibited because it presents a safety hazard to racers and to other spectators, so when you come to Birch Hill to watch the JN races, please leave your skis in your car until the racing is over. We appreciate your cooperation.

–Where do you park?!

1- Shuttle service available at Trax Outdoor Center (310 Birch Hill Rd.)
Mon 3/13 – 9:30a -3:30p
Tue 3/14 – 8:30a -6:00p
Thur 3/16 – 9:30a -4:00p
2- Limited parking available at Birch Hill lower lot.
3- Lot off Wilderness Drive available, 4WD recommended to access.
🚗 Carpooling is recommended! 🚙