Mowing – before

As Birch Hill Rec Area summer trails users know, the grass can get a bit on the long side on some of the trails before the FNSB Parks & Rec Department does the fall mowing before ski season starts.

Last winter the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks got a 2010 Kubota mower from the Borough that was going to be surplussed. Thank you to Mayor Ward and the Borough Assembly for making it happen!

The NSCF groomers have been putting it to good use mowing the trails at Birch Hill. Since the first of July most trails have been mowed. The groomers are currently working their way out the White Bear.

If you are enjoying the club’s mowing efforts please consider making a donation to the Birch Hill Trail fund to help cover the cost of fuel, maintenance of the mower, and wages for the groomers. Thank you!

Mowing – after