The Birch Hill Recreation Multi-Purpose Building needs your support.

The building is included in a resolution before the Fairbanks Assembly that expresses support for the building and other Capital Improvement Projects. The resolution – Resolution No. 2023-40 – will be considered by the Assembly at its November 9 meeting, this coming Thursday.

There will be no public hearing for the resolution, but people can speak during Citizen’s Comments at the beginning of the meeting. People can also email or call assembly members to express support of the resolution.

If you would like to help this project, please testify in support of Resolution No. 2023-40 at the meeting or call or email to let Assembly members know you support the resolution.

  • Learn how and when to sign up for testifying under “How to Provide Testimony” on this PAGE.
  • Contact information for Assembly members is HERE.
  • See the Assembly agenda for that meeting HERE.
  • See Resolution No. 2023-40 HERE.

If you don’t know about this project, the 5,000-square-foot Birch Hill Recreation Multi-Purpose Building would replace the existing Timing, Rikka’s, and Warming Hut buildings. These old buildings need to be replaced. A new integrated building would offer more space, better energy efficiency, and state-of-the-art materials. In short, it would be better for all purposes. Drawings of the proposed Multipurpose Building are available HERE.