Once again Bad Bob and Sharon Baker are offering their Moose Mountain Sunrise Ski Tour in December.

The Moose Mountain Sunrise tour offers cross-country skiers a hilly course on which to greet the winter sun. This tour follows an out-and-back course that goes to the top of Moose Mountain and beyond (but only if you want to go that far).

When: Saturday, December 23

Bad Bob invites you to see the sunrise during a ski outing!

Start time and place: Tour begins at 10 a.m. SHARP! Be waxed, dressed ,and ready to ski! Meet at the BAKERS home @ 3020 Moose Mountain Rd. There will be a large sign at the driveway. It’s 2.2 miles up Moose Mtn. Rd. from Spinach Creek Rd. on the left side. (Google Maps link HERE).

Parking: You’re welcome to arrive early. Parking could be tight depending on number of participants. Don’t be late or you’ll mess up the parking system. Try to carpool if you can.

Estimated tour time: 2-4 hours, 2-10 miles

Description: The tour is an out-and-back affair, beginning from the Baker home. The goal is to arrive at the ridgeline by SUNRISE @ 11 a.m. and to ski along the top, enjoying the view of the sunrise and the Alaska Range with the vast Tanana Valley in the foreground. Then return back to the Baker home.

This tour is not for beginners. The first two kilometers of the tour is all uphill, then it’s large rolling up and downs with plenty of room for snowplowing. Steepest part is the first 1/4 mile. If it’s clear out, the ridge offers wonderful views of the valleys and Fairbanks as well as the Alaska Range.

The trail is wide enough to skate if you choose, but classic is much less effort, though there are no classic tracks. After you hit the top of Moose Mountain, the trail follows the ridge with long ups and downs. The course will be freshly groomed and combed that morning.

Tour participants can follow the trail until they feel the need to turn around and head back down. The plan is to turn around and be back to the start by 1:00 p.m., where there will be hot drinks and treats inside the Baker home. All are encouraged to bring a TREAT, which can be in any form: desserts, soups, breads etc.

There is no cut-off temperature, and often the temperatures up on Moose Mountain can be 30 degrees warmer than in Fairbanks. Bring a shell in case of windy conditions. Please R.S.V.P. with Bob and Sharon as parking is limited. You can call again the morning of the tour to check on the temperature if you’d like to know. If you decide not to participate after you’ve signed up, please call and cancel.

Dogs: Dogs are welcome, as long as they are controllable.

Leaders: Bob and Sharon Baker @ 907/455-6689