The Fairbanks Borough Assembly recently passed two resolutions that will benefit skiers and other trail users at Birch Hill Recreation Area. Passage of both resolutions were aided by the NSCF.

These efforts are helping to bring a new multi-purpose building and new trail connection to Birch Hill.

Multi-Purpose Building

The Birch Hill Multi-Purpose Building was included in a capital funding request by the Fairbanks Assembly that will go to Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

The Assembly at its November 9 meeting approved a resolution that included the building. Thank you to everyone who helped advocate for inclusion of the building and passage of the resolution.

Several other projects were also included in the resolution, which you can read HERE.

The Fairbanks Daily-News Miner had a story about passage of the resolution. Read it HERE.

If you don’t know about the Birch Hill project, the 5,000-square-foot Birch Hill Recreation Multi-Purpose Building would replace the existing Timing, Rikka’s, and Warming Hut buildings. These old buildings need to be replaced. A new integrated building would offer more space, better energy efficiency, and state-of-the-art materials. In short, it would be better for all purposes. Drawings of the proposed Multipurpose Building are available HERE.

Trail Tunnel Maintenance

Also at the November 9 meeting, the Assembly agreed, with help from the NSCF, to take on maintenance of a trail tunnel being planned by the Alaska Department of Transportation as part of the Steese Expressway / Johansen Expressway Interchange project.

The agreement with the borough and DOT was made possible in part by the NSCF’s partnership with the borough and military on grooming and maintenance of Birch Hill ski trails. The NSCF will be doing the grooming and maintenance on an as-yet-to-be built trail that will run from Birch Hill through the tunnel to the trails on Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge, which are maintained by the Alaska Dog Musher’s Association.

The NSCF’s agreement with the borough to maintain the new trail was important in getting Assembly support for the trail tunnel, as it helps reduce maintenance costs for the taxpayers. Many thanks to all who have been helping advocate for the tunnel.

Read the resolution regarding trail tunnel maintenance HERE.

The News-Miner recently had a STORY about the resolution and NSCF’s part in maintaining the future trail.

Read about the Steese Expressway / Johansen Expressway Interchange project HERE.

And see drawings for the tunnel HERE.

A huge thanks to NSCF volunteer Bruce Jamieson for shepherding these projects along.