FXC seeks young skiers and athletes who want to be challenged.

FXC (Fairbanks Cross Country) is the junior race-training program for the Nordic Ski of Fairbanks. The goal of the FXC is to provide a full-service training program for young cross-country skiers. The program provides a progression of developmentally appropriate training and competition opportunities where skiers are continually challenged to grow and develop as athletes and young people.

The year-round program for NSCF-FXC starts May 20th. The program also offers shorter sessions in summer, fall, and winter. To register go to the specific program page (links at the top of the FXC page.)

While FXC is an outlet for a greater competitive experience, the program also uses skiing to help young people grow in a healthy social environment and learn what can be accomplished with long-term dedication and focus. FXC aims to provide a training environment that is focused but also fun, challenging but energizing.

The program offers a free two-week trial to all eligible skiers ages 10 to 18. Also, for families having difficulties with paying the program’s tuition, a scholarship program is available. If you have questions about whether your child is ready for FXC or about the trial and scholarship programs, contact Coach Jesse Wilkins at coachfxc@nscfairbanks.org.

Below is short description of each of the main FXC program levels. For more information see the FXC webpage HERE. To register and get more information on each specific program go to its page (links at the top of the FXC page).


An introductory program for skiers ages 10-14. This program’s focus is on developing good habits and enjoyment of physical activity while establishing a strong foundation of physical fitness and athleticism that an athlete can build on throughout their athletic career. The basic Devo Team requires no ski background at all. There is also a Devo+ option for kids who want to try skate roller skiing.


The FXC Prep program is designed for middle school skiers who are excited about training and racing and want to continue to build their skills in a team environment. Prep is the next progression beyond Devo+ and before Comp. This program includes multiple weekly training sessions and race support. This program has a strong emphasis on developing the fundamentals, teamwork, having fun, and learning more about the process of ski training and racing.

Prep athletes are encouraged to participate in local races and the Cross Country Alaska Besh Cup Series once they are eligible for U16 races. Athletes will receive full coach support at local races and Besh Cup Series Races.


FXC Comp is a full-service Nordic ski training and racing program for high school athletes, and other athletes eligible to compete at Junior Nationals. We offer multiple weekly training sessions, plus individual follow-up for goal meetings, training reviews, personalized strength training programs, assistance with ski selection, and race support. The Comp program is designed to work in conjunction with high school training and racing.