Ski Your Age (in kilometers!)

Ski Your Age in Kilometers is a fun filled family tradition. It’s a chance to get the whole family out to ski the day after Christmas and work off all those wonderful extra calories. The challenge to ski your age, or maybe your mom or dad’s age, and they yours, is a great way to spend the day outside on the Birch Hill trails.

The event is not timed, but kilometer tracking sheets are available for “bragging rights.” Skiers can ski anytime during the day or come and go as needed to add up those kilometers. Maps of suggested routes are available.

The Nordic Ski Center building will be open and have refreshments and food to fuel skiers along in their quest. It is a tradition to bring a dish to share and tables will be available if you want to bring along your holiday leftovers. Fruit cake has got to taste good after 20 kilometers right?!

The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks would like to thank the generous donation of event sponsors Wentz Orthodontics and Edward Jones Investments. All proceeds from Ski Your Age go to support the ski club’s junior racing program, FXC, to help keep the costs affordable for Fairbanks families. This program has over 120 young skiers from Fairbanks who train year round and compete in and out of Alaska. Ski Your Age participants will likely see these fine athletes attempting to ski double or triple their own age. We are proud to have such a fine bunch of skiers in Fairbanks. Donations to FXC are always welcome and donation jars are available during Ski Your Age in K.


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