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Word From the Groomers

Swing Shift groomed for the Distance Race #3,  there are double tracks from the Biathlon Range to Hill Top cut-off on the White Bear, so there is not much of a skate lane.  There are double tracks in other sections of the course but should on be a problem for...

Word from the Groomers

Packed and set track on Blue, Sunny/Cliffside trails.  Groomed and set track on Outhouse, White Bear/Cub, Moilanen Meadows, and Lighted Loops.  Conditions are rather soft owing to the recent bounty of new snow.

Come See What Biathlon is All About!

Curious about biathlon? Excited about the Olympics? If so, come to the Birch Hill Cross Country Ski Center on Sunday, February 18, from 1:30 to 5pm for a biathlon information and entertainment event. Replays of biathlon events from the current Winter Olympics will be...