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TIME CHANGE: The Gold Nugget Race #1 on SATURDAY has been changed to a 2PM START due to the forecasted cold weather and a course conflict with the Town Race #1.  VOLUNTEERS ARE STILL NEEDED!   The Volunteer shift is now from 1PM-6PM but we hope to finish earlier!...

Word from the Groomers

We did a quick groom of the Lighted Loops mid morning, About 3 or 4 inches so far.    Plan for Friday is Groom the White Bear that is not part of the Town Race Saturday and do the Blue, Outhouse and the Black Loops

Word from the Groomers

Sorry for the late report, when we finished Monday we were not able to log into the web site.  We groomed and set tracks on all the trails, but Sunnyside and the Sonot Connector.  The Plan for this morning is to pack both those trails.   We will be taking a scouting...

Word from the Groomers

We Packed and set tracks on Sunny Side, Cliff Side and the Sonot Connector this morning.  We did groom all the other trails yesterday.   If we have time we will make a scouting mission around the Classical only trails.  We are Standing by for more snow.