Here you’ll find the complete set of updates about NSCF activities. If you’re interested in the news feed for just one area or program, you can find those feeds in the news area of the program on this site.

Birch Hill Trails Update

We groomed the Lighted Loops, South Tower, White Cub, Moilanen Meadows and White Bear this morning. No tracks on White Bear until the Zoomer Cut Off because of biathlon races this weekend. Plan for Saturday morning is to groom Blacks, Blues and Sunnyside and...

Watch, Volunteer or Try Biathlon Nov 16&17!

Come watch Alaska's best Biathletes vie for the coveted Arctic Winter Games Biathlon team positions and then try Biathlon yourself!  Races are at 11am & 1pm each day.  Novice race is 2pm Saturday. We are looking for volunteers to help with the Arctic Winter Games...

Birch Hill Trails Update

We packed and tracked the Lighted Loop. Packed all the Black Loops, Outhouse, Blue, and Sunnyside and Cliffside. Plan for Friday is to do the White Bear and regroom most of the trails we did today.    

Birch Hill Trails Update

We packed the Lighted Loops, Blue, Outhouse, South Tower, and Bill set some very thin classical tracks on some. Contractor is working on the Warm-Up Loop lights.  No idea if they are working at the Biathlon Range.