Here you’ll find the complete set of updates about NSCF activities. If you’re interested in the news feed for just one area or program, you can find those feeds in the news area of the program on this site.

The Birch Hill Trails Need Your Help!

The incredible trails at Birch Hill Recreation Area are only incredible if you can use them. They are in constant need of brushing for both winter and summer use. The NSCF Trail Crew has already done some brushing but more is needed. Head Groomer Tom Helmers says...

2019-20 NSCF Ski Season Report Released

The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks has produced a 2019-20 season end report with a ski season retrospective, a message from the Board of Directors, financials, and reports from programs. You can find it on the About page of the club's website. Or just check it out here.

FXC Masters offers Strength, Interval Classes

Stay motivated and keep fit this summer with these NSCF outdoor training workouts at Birch Hill! These FXC Masters classes are coached by Christina Turman and are designed to comply with social distancing, and to accommodate and challenge all fitness levels. No prior...

FXC Summer Programs Kick Off Soon!

FXC is pleased to announce the kick off of our summer programs for skiers age 10-80!  The pandemic brought an abrupt end to our winter group activities but recent changes to state health mandates allow us to resume group outdoor activities by taking certain...