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Besh Cup 1 Results

All results from today's Besh Cup sprints, both from the qualifying round and from the heats are available on the Besh Cup page of this website: https://www.nscfairbanks.org/programs/races/besh-cup/ Thank you to all the NSCF volunteers, to the athletes, coaches and...

Word from the Groomers

1100 and it is +25.  Did a quick trip around  part of the trail system,  the trails are firm but no worst then they are after two weeks of -30, lots of debris in the tracks  I did not find any ice on the trails I went on, that does not mean that there is not ice out...

Word from the Groomers

The grooming crew would all love to be grooming right now, but we feel that spending our limited resources and  temperatures not going below freezing the wind filling the tracks with debris, we thing it is better to hold off.  Thanks for your understanding.

Word from the Groomers

Your donation to the Trail Fund is important, last season the club spent over $12,000 dollars  to maintain our fleet of grooming equipment. Takes a lot of oil, filters, grease and spare parts, to keep our fleet well maintained.   We groomed the most of the Lighted...