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Fox Area Ski Tour Scheduled for February 23

The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks will be offering a ski tour this Sunday, February 23, in the Fox area. The tour requires intermediate to advanced level skiing. The East End of Puchtler Trail & Sutherland’s Telemark Trail Roundtrip tour will descend from about 4-Mile...

Word from the Groomers

We are trying something a little different for tomorrow's Distance Race. Because of the cold slow snow, our thinking is that the old tracks will be faster than any tracks we would set tonight.

Report: Skarland Ski Trail 12-Mile Tour

The Skarland ski tour was a great success! We had a total of 11 participants at the start of the tour and finished with ten.  Some folks returned from last year while one individual was revisiting the trails he skied as a child. Our youngest participant was 14....