Here you’ll find the complete set of updates about NSCF activities. If you’re interested in the news feed for just one area or program, you can find those feeds in the news area of the program on this site.

(Summer) Word from the Groomers

For Monday the 12th, the following trails will be closed for construction: Warm-up Loop and the Relay Start. Be mindful that that equipment may be transiting on trails that are open. White Cub remains closed do to wet conditions. There are still a few aspen logs at...

Word from the Groomers

As of 1230 Saturday the 10th, there are a few aspen logs at the main park gate, and half a dozen birch logs at the south parking lot gate. If more trees are removed, we will update on the trail report.

Word from the Birch Hill Groomers

Trail Report, Summer Edition:    There is still free wood at the main gate to the Park. There is a lot of wood just inside the gate at the south end of the South Parking Lot. The South Parking lot gate will be open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm. I will be...