To ensure you are signing up for the correct course, please review the descriptions below as well as the skills chart for which techniques you should already know and which each course will teach or expand upon.

Course Descriptions

Intro to cross-country skiing – for those who have no cross-country skiing experience or have never had any instruction to learn the basic techniques. The goal is to get participants comfortable outside and on skis.

Beginning cross-country skiing – for those who have the basic classic or skate techniques down and are comfortable on skis. This class will learn additional techniques on varied terrain so you can be more confident on any trail.

Intermediate cross-country skiing – for those wanting to focus on improving technique. Participants should have completed the beginning class at least once and feel comfortable and confident on varying terrain, especially hills.

Advanced cross-country skiing (a mix of classic and skate techniques) – for those who are comfortable with both styles of skiing and have their own gear. This class will depend on what coaching is available and the technique, skill, conditioning, training, or goal specific demands of the participants.


SkillsIntroductionBeginner ClassicIntermediate ClassicBeginner SkateIntermediate SkateAdvanced
Putting on EquipmentXXXXXX
Falling and Getting UpXXXXXX
Balance on One SkiXXXXXX
Athletic PositionXXXXXX
Classic Stride with PolesXXXX
Snowplow BrakeXXXXXX
Snowplow TurnsXXXXXX
Classic Stride without PolesXXX
Step TurnXXXXX
Double PoleXXX
Kick Double PoleXXX
Gliding without PolesXXXX
Downhill TuckXXX
Skid TurnXXX
Hockey StopXXX
No-Pole SkateXXX
Herringbone SkateXXX
V1 Alternate (granny gear)XXX
V2 AlternateXXX
Tuck Skate / Free Skate
Step/Skate Turn
Telemark Turn