FXC Masters is a cross-country ski program offering group-training sessions for adult skiers in Fairbanks, Alaska.
FXC Masters goal is to create a fun team environment for Master skiers to continue to develop cross-country ski skills,
improve fitness and strength, build community, and work together to promote and support skiing in Fairbanks!


Power Hour, Lunch Workouts
12:30 – 1:30pm @ various locations 
6 weeks: $115
FULL winter: $300
coached by Christina Turman

Strength, Agility, and Speed Training
5:45pm – 7pm @ Birch & UAF 
6 weeks: $115
FULL winter: $300
coached by ALL FXC coaches!

Beginner / Intermediate Interval Training
5:30 -6:45pm @ UAF 
6 weeks: $115
FULL winter: $300
coached by Greg Whisenhant

Intermediate / Advanced Interval Training
5:45pm – 7pm @ Birch & UAF 
6 weeks: $115
FULL winter: $300
coached by Christina Turman

Morning Strength
7:00 – 8:00am @ Birch 
6 weeks: $120
FULL winter: $320
coached by Christina Turman

Advanced Technique 
6:00 – 7:30pm @ Birch
FULL winter: $300
coached by Warren Rosholt

Yoga for Skiers
9:00 – 10:00am
@ Birch Hill
5 weeks: $90
coached by Amy Kulp

Current membership in the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is now required to participate in all NSCF-sanctioned programs. To register for FXC Masters, you must be logged in to the website and have a current membership with the NSCF.  Click here for more information on becoming a member.

6 week classes: $115 
Full Winter, 17 classes: $300 

When you register you will be given the option to register an additional family member for the same class at ~50% off

Planning on skiing with Masters more than once a week this winter? 

With the Gold membership you can sign-up for all of your Masters classes at once and receive a discount!

WINTER 2022-23
Session One, 6 weeks:
Nov 7 – Dec 15
Session Two, 6 weeks:
Jan 2 – Feb 9
Session Three, 5 weeks:
Feb 20 – March 30

Fall Training

Fall is for ski walking, bounding, and preparing for the upcoming ski season!

Explore New Trails

We are excited to add a group distance ski to the schedule this winter! 

FXC Masters Strength Training

Through the summer months FXC Masters meets outside for weekly strength training workouts. 

Indoor Women's Strength Training

Last winter we had fun with an all women’s indoor strength class. Pending Covid-19 we hope to offer a similar class again in the future!

    QUESTIONS? Leave us a message here!
    Or, contact Christina Turman at: stinaturman@gmail.com

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