The NSCF-FXC Devo Team is the ski club’s introductory team for skiers ages 10 – 14. We have 3 different sessions; summer, fall, and winter. Our program’s focus is to develop good habits and enjoyment of physical activity while establishing a strong foundation of physical fitness and athleticism that an athlete can build on throughout their athletic career.

Devo Registration: Year Round and Summer Session 2023-24
Devo Schedule

Our summer session runs from May 30 to August 27. There will be a training break from July 1 through July 9.

There will be a fall session from September 5 through October 20.

Winter session will be October 30 through April 12 with a break for the holidays.

Devo Summer Schedule

There are two Devo options for the Summer: Devo and Devo+. Both include three weekly sessions of outdoor fun activites including running, hiking, agility and coordinate work, exploring, and of course tons of games. Devo+ includes an additional day for kids who want to try out skate roller skiing. Devo requires no previous ski ability and is geared toward kids who like running around outside. Devo+ does require proficient skate technique and skate roller ski gear. Recommended previous experience in Devo or completion of Junior Nordics Red Group. If you are unsure, contact coachfxc@nscfairbanks.org.

Devo Summer Practice Schedule:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:00 – 4:30 PM Devo option with NO roller skiing
  • Devo+ adds one day of skate roller skiing, Wednesday 3:00 – 4:30 PM


Devo Summer: $540

Devo+ Summer: $720

Devo Fall: $360

Devo+ Fall: $480

Devo Winter: $850

Devo+ Winter: $1,080

Devo Year Round: $1,650 Ask about monthly installments or pay in full before May 30 for discounted rate of $1,500

Devo+ Year Round: $2,200 Ask about monthly installments or pay in full before May 30 for discounted rate of $2,000

*Discounts available for families with multiple athletes in FXC programs

*Interested in our program but not ready to commit? We offer a 2 week trial period for all our programs. We also offer sibling discounts for families with multiple participants.

FXC Tuition Scholarships:
We encourage families to apply for scholarships if they anticipate financial strain due to participation in our programs. Scholarships are confidential and reviewed by a small committee, while we wish we could award every applicaint a scholarship, we must remind applicants that scholarship funds are limited.
Scholarship applications for 2023 Summer / Year Round Participants are due on June 11. You will hear back soon thereafter if your child received a scholarship. If they did not (or if they received a partial scholarship) the NSCF is happy to set up a monthly payment plan for you for the remaining balance. We will honor the “early bird” pricing for all scholarship applicants so long as applications are in by June 11th. 

You can apply for an FXC scholarship here



Current membership in the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is now required to participate in all NSCF-sanctioned programs. To register for FXC, you must be logged in to the website and have a current membership with the NSCF.  

Click here for more information on becoming a member.


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