Support FXC!

Fairbanks Cross Country relies on the support of the many members of NSCF, FXC, and the greater Fairbanks community to develop and maintain its programs, developing tomorrow’s national champions and people with a lifelong love of skiing. There are many ways to support FXC, so please explore the ways to find the best ways you can join in the fun.

A significant level of funding for FXC comes from fundraising efforts. We ask all families in the program to volunteer for our various fundraising efforts, and we ask each family that has been involved in the program for a year or more to take a leadership role in a fundraiser or other task that helps the program. The table below shows the major FXC fundraisers and the amount of funding typically generated.

FXC Fundraising Events

Friends of FXCYear-Round
Fall DanceOctober
Ski your Age in K'sDecember 26
Interior Youth FestivalMarch
Spring GalaMid-April
Chena Hot Springs RideEarly June
Golden Heart Trail RunEarly August
Region VI CC ChampsEarly September
Scholarship FundYear-Round

In the fall of 2016 we initiated an effort to enable volunteers to easily sign up and log hours, using the Track It Forward site.

Please take a moment to sign up and log hours you may have worked at the last couple of events. In addition to the major fundraisers listed above, it is currently possible to log hours for the following activities which enhance FXC family visibility in the larger ski community:

  • Town Race Series
  • Skier Development Oversight Committee (SDOC) service
  • Sewing
  • Waxing skis at events
  • Driving/chaperoning athletes
  • Hosting a post-tour get-together or potluck
  • Other

A side benefit of this type of tracking system is that a well-documented volunteer effort is a powerful tool when communicating with grantor organizations. It will be easy to generate reports to show grantors the tremendous dedication FXC families have to promoting cross country skiing in our community.


FXC Requested Volunteer Commitment

By registering a skier with FXC, families agree to fulfill their volunteer commitment. This table shows levels of athlete participation and requested volunteer hours from families.
Jr. Devo4 to 8
Prep8 to 12
Comp Bridge12 to 20

The Friends of FXC is the NSCF-FXC Booster Club!

October 11, 2017

Dear Friend(s) of FXC,

We need your help to keep the FXC Racing Team’s tuition as low as possible. In just ten years, the program has grown from just a handful of skiers to the over 120 athletes signed up this season. Contributions from the Friends of FXC are key to keeping this program accessible and affordable for all Fairbanks-area families. Please help us keep this momentum going.

We are so proud of the nationally successful racing program that has been created in our town, which includes:

  • Dedicated and professional coaches.
  • Skiers competing at the national level (with an average GPA of 3.6).
  • An emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, respect for others, and the value of learning.
  • A racing program that not only strengthens our kids, but strengthens our community for years to come.

The FXC Racing Team cannot be sustained without the support of our donors. Please consider renewing your membership with Friends of FXC. Any amount is welcome and all donations are tax deductible. Please see the Friends of FXC Membership Donation Form.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your support of the athletes and the FXC Racing Team in 2017–2018.


FXC Statistics and Results - Training Year (May-April)

All FXC Jr. Athletes Annuallyn/an/an/a9088114123117
Athletes in FXC Prep and Comp Annually3643485346697074
Athletes Qualified for High School State Championships131922810151816
Athletes Qualified for Arctic Winter Games3--7--3--8--
Athletes Qualified for Junior Nationals610101066912
Junior National Top 20 Results10311176478
Junior National Top 10 Results621102246
Junior National Champions00020000
* In 20016-2017: 4th place women’s junior club team in the USA based on results at Junior Nationals.